One of the biggest and the most creative games is releasing this year, Dreams a game from MediaMolecule ( creators of LittleBigPlanet )

It will be available in February 14th, 2020 exclusively on Sony Playsation 4, let's look at what makes this game so special

The worlds

Remember LittleBigPlanet and those amazing worlds created by the studios and by the community? in Dreams you have more creative space and more tools so you can build all the games you dream of, the possibilities are infinite !

The games

In dreams you can create your own game or play community-made games, FPS, Adventure, you can even recreate famous games using Dreams, to give an idea of what this looks like here is an example of some of the already made games :

The possibilities

In Dreams you can't just make games, you can play or make : music, animations, paintings, sculptures, and more thanks to the Dualshock4 and the Playstation VR, the tools are easy-to-use and there is a lot of tutorials in game which you can learn from

The fun part

People are litteraly building the Crash Bandicoot game using Dreams and that's wonderful ! like how this is possible 😮

I'm really excited to play this game, again congratulations MediaMolecule and SIE team for this amazing work !!