Hello world! this is the very first post in the new Graphicmade !

My internet name is Sweave and i'm a Student-engineer in Troyes University of Technology ( UTT ) I study computer science there, but I have other hobbies like : Animation, Illustration, cgi , I like to build and start new projects and  love Cartoon network / Nickelodeon cartoons and Pixar Movies 🎈 (look at the post title lol)

I started Graphicmade 4 years ago as a blog but due to time related issues I shut it down and started 2 web projects instead : Frame & Moshn

old graphicmade logo rip
  • Frame is a website where you can find all sorts of frameworks to help you make your next project
  • Moshn is a gallery where you can find inspiration for your next motion design projects

Those two projects helped me to be a better developer and to progress in web developpement and tech and also learn and have experience in building new products and projects, it helped also a lot of people especially Frame which has been used by teachers to introduce Web Frameworks to their students, I will still make new projects that I find helpful to communities for days to come

Today Graphicmade is making a big come-back ! I have chosen the best tech-stack to begin with, the website is driven by the very last technologies which make it superfast to load, btw specs time 👓:  

  • NGINX Web Server
  • Node.js based
  • Ghost - a super fast javascript content manager
  • ExpressJS Client Side
  • SSL
  • Dedicated server

Graphicmade will cover posts about generally talking tech, news & reviews and thoughts about new things and stuff, there will be also posts about motion design, animation, and all multimedia related things

Also 2 new projects are in the works :

  • A new original fun game on Android & iOS
  • New Website App

So welcome aboard and as Buzz (from Toy Story) would say : To infinity and beyonnd ! 🎇