I'm starting a new standalone project under the graphicmade brand, it's VHSanime, in this article I will explain how, why I made it

What is VHSanime ?

It's a sort of a guide that helps you find the best 80s/90s/00s animes by generation, and for each anime you get complete information about it

I love anime

We all grown up watching anime ( at least you watched some Naruto episodes ) , I particulary watched a lot of 90s and 80s anime, they were aired in a channel called SpaceToon, here are some of them :

Why I made it ?

Today people don't watch 80/90s anime anymore (including me), we all watch recent anime and recent content but I felt that old anime is not represented enough, so I wanted to spotlight some of the best ones

I named it 'VHS'anime because all those animes had that " VHS cassette " effect right from the 80s, (color degradation etc ..) it was very representative of the 80s and 90s era

How I made it ?

I used modern technologies to build VHSanime,

  • Front-end : ReactJS & NextJS
  • Language : TypeScript
  • APIs : Jikan an anime API that fetch data from MAL
  • Hosting : ZEIT now

Visit it now :

Discover best oldschool anime right now :