This year the conference which was to take place in France in Paris finally took place online on the internet given the circumstances.

Microsoft-owned company GitHub has been full of feature announcements this year,

GitHub CodeSpaces:

A port of the existing Visual Studio Code on the web, allowing everyone to develop online without having to install anything, taking into account development environments such as Nodejs Python and others, let's not forget not that Visual Studio Code is itself based on Electron which is a project originally developed by GitHub before the takeover of Microsoft

GitHub has not yet declared the pricing of this feature, but it is currently available for free and in Beta version but will probably be similar to the pricing of GitHub Actions and may be free for individuals.

GitHub Discussions:

A feature similar to the development communities on Spectrum or On stackoverflow, where everyone can post a question or start a discussion about the project within the repository, the repos are no longer just simple places or stored sound files but much more than that

This feature is available for free but still in Beta

GitHub Security:

On the security front, GitHub is also announcing two new features: code scanning and secret scanning. Code scanning checks your code for potential security vulnerabilities.

As you can see, GitHub is no longer the old code storage service, it is becoming more and more a complete workflow for developers, where they find everything they need centrally and linked